Study from Anywhere

Virtual classes allow you to attend a live classroom with a UCEDA Institute teacher and classmates, directly from your home, or anywhere in the world.

Engage with other students, ask questions about the lesson, and practice with live feedback from a trusted UCEDA language instructor. UCEDA Institute virtual classes bring the language classroom to you.

Virtual learning options are available for English (ESL), Spanish, TOEFL Prep, GED Prep, and Citizenship Prep classes.

Are these virtual classes the same as “online”classes?

No. Online classes are typically self-study with no live teacher, and usually include a pre-recorded video for the student to watch alone. UCEDA Institute’s virtual program connects students to live instruction through the latest in user-friendly video conferencing technology. Students will develop language skills fastest through real human interaction, by asking questions and contextualizing with nonverbal communication cues, for a truly motivating and adaptive learning experience.

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