Spanish Classes

¿Usted habla español?

Developing proficiency in the Spanish language can open many opportunities for work, travel, and building community and social relations. Imagine the possibilities when you can connect with a whole new world.

UCEDA Institute’s Spanish classes are designed to get you speaking quickly. With over 30 years in language education, and with teachers who are more like coaches than lecturers, UCEDA Institute offers a highly effective and extremely fun way to learn.


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    Basic Conversation 1 & 2
    Goal is to get the student immersed in basic simple conversation.
    Student will learn basic conversational fluency by introducing vocabulary words, phrases, grammar, and simple sentence structure along with speaking and listening practice.

    Intermediate Conversation 1 & 2 
    Goal is to get the student to build on basic conversation and move into more complex conversational skills and introduce basic grammar.
    Student will learn intermediate conversational fluency by introducing new and more complex vocabulary words, phrases, and grammar, along with more practice and presentations. Listening, speaking, and reading and basic writing are the foundational skills in this level.

    Advanced  Conversation 1 & 2
    Goal is fluency in speaking, listening, reading and writing
    This level will focus on building fluent conversation skills with non-stop conversation practice and presentations. At this level the 4 foundational skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening will all come together.

    Each level is 2 months, 2 class sessions per week (Each session 1.5 hours)
    Schedules can be modified based on individual and group needs


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