eMaterial Access for Virtual Classes

Courses Included

Access to eMaterial for one virtual class, up to 16 weeks.

Placement test is required.

Please review Product Description below.




UCEDA Institute’s virtual classes can connect you to live instruction, using the latest in user-friendly video conferencing technology.

With access to electronic lesson units and audio files, you can follow and participate in the course like a traditional student seated in the classroom — but you can do it from anywhere!

Electronic lesson materials, or eMaterials, are easy to use from virtually any device. When you complete each unit, you can submit your work to your instructor for review and feedback.



  1. At checkout, please use your real Email Address – This will be important later for you to login to the website and access your eMaterials.
  2. Placement – To correctly place you in a class that meets your needs, you must take the online placement test: www.uceda.org/placement
  3. Check your Email – Please allow up to 48 hours to receive access to your eMaterials. Check your e-mail for instructions, and speak with your Admissions Advisor or Instructor if you have any questions.

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