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The Material:

Talking together is the second part of a comprehensive speaking and language study series specially designed for intermediate to high-intermediate learners of English as a Second Foreign Language (ESL/EFL). This book will greatly aid in the development of communication skills among students while stimulating their appetite for the acquisition of new vocabulary. This volume also promotes interactive language learning competence.

Units’s Features:

  • Real communication activities that check comprehension, encourage problem-solving, expand vocabulary, bolster critical thinking and strengthen listening, speaking and writing skills.
  • Tasks to strengthen the four basics skills-reading, writing, listening and speaking-with a predominant emphasis on the development of oral communication skills.
  • interesting and engaging dialogues and stories portraying situations familiar to the student which promote interactive pair and/or group work.

Innovative in its approach,reliable in its coverage and clear in its explanation, Talking Together will help students internalize the contents of the grammar studied throughout the intermediate levels of the UCEDA English program while employing a communicative rather than a structural approach to the learning process.


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