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This purchase gives you access to UCEDA eMaterial for the course: Grammar Express

eMaterial for the course includes: Student Book, Workbook, and Listening Files – access for 6 months.



The Summit Writing Book is part of the UCEDA English Series. This writing book is based on the “Recursive Writing Approach,” which consists of five steps: rewriting, analysis, writing, revising and rewriting.

This book is divided into ten units. Each unit ranges from twelve to sixteen pages. The units are divided into sections which targeted specific areas of learning. Such sections include:

  • Improve your vocabulary: invites students to develop their vocabulary skills through engaging dialogues and excerpts.
  • Grammar and mechanics: Consolidates the grammar learned in previous levels English in UCEDA international classes.
  • Comprehension Check: Presents students with challenging  exercises to check comprehension and promote self-awareness
  • Focus on writing: These exercises provide students with the opportunity to practice the methods they have learned in writing about real and relevant topics.

This book also contains a seven-part appendix, which includes linking words, common correction symbols, punctuation rules and outline for essay writing.


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