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The Book:

Ready to Talk 1  is the first part of a two-book series. This book is designed for beginning learners of English as a Second Language in the United States or English as a Foreign Language in other countries. This book’s main pupose is to enable English Language Learners to develop confidence in their speaking ability, expand their vocabulary and review previously learned grammar concepts.

Ready to Talk 1 is divided into eight units. Each unit contains different features which will help the learner acquire the language skills necessary to interact with others in various settings from family and friends to work and the community. Reading with meaningful conversations ranging from short to medium length allow the students to improve their oral communication skills and develop a sense of confidence while exploring new phrases, idomatic expressions and popular culture of the United States.

Units Features:

  • Four or five subsections per unit.
  • Discussion starter question at the beginning of every subsection.
  • A wide variety of exercises for students to practice and review grammar concepts.
  • Plenty of oral activities and teacher guided exercises.
  • Meaningful dialogues, stories and activities dealing with everyday situations specifically geared towards beginning English Language Learners.

Ready To Talk 1 was designed so that the teacher becomes a facilitator who guides students as they talk bout the material and their own ideas. Throughout the book students are encouraged to participate in various types of cooperative learning activities such as class discussions, conversations and debates that will help them to gain competence and improve their overall learning experience.


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