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eMaterial for the course includes: Student Book, Workbook, and Listening Files – access for 6 months.



Gateway to English is an easy-to-use, illustrated English course with the goal of helping students to effectively communicate in different situations and different roles.

Gateway to  English features: 

  • Clear and easy-to-understand grammar explanations
  • Dozens of examples and illustrations
  • Numerous grammar and vocabulary reinforcement activities

Gateway to English integrates reading, writing, speaking, and listening in a variety of interactive activities:

  • Grammar focuses: Charts present easy-to-follow grammar explanations
  • Listen and Repeat: Interesting dialogues and stories provide students with the opportunity to practice grammar and vocabulary
  • Hands-on Activities: Fill-in-the-blank activities, group work, writing exercises and cooperative tasks help students to practice the new grammar
  • Listening Activities: Students develop listening skills through engaging and lively conversations and stories

Appropriate for young adults to senior citizens, Gateway to English will help the student who is looking to acquire basic English grammar and vocabulary related to real-life situations while having fun in the processes


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