The Right On Track is part of the UCEDA Institute English Series. It has specifically been tailored for non-native speakers who already have basic knowledge of English and wish to acquire a broad-based competence in all four language skills: listening, speaking reading and writing.

The wide variety of easy-to-follow grammar explanations, reinforcement exercises and fun activities facilitate not just understanding of grammar, but also proficiency in the usage of the targeted grammar points of the lessons.


each unit is made up of six types of sections that deal with specific areas of learning:

  • Grammar Focus: charts, explanations, and examples.
  • Listen and Repeat: grammar in context.
  • Hands-on Activity: engaging exercises to practice the new grammar.
  • Listening Activity: challenging listening drills
  • Read Along: interesting stories and dialogues that deal with a wide variety of topics including culture, the family, the workplace, sports and others
  • Just for Fun: fun learning activities for groups of students.

This books authors hope that the creativity and effort that went into its creation will help to bring about in students a higher level of communicative competence in English as well as the confidence to use it in a variety of situations.

Course Curriculum

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